A mailman puts a letter in a mailbox. Illustration.

Design postcards and letters in an instant

Creating and sending printed communication shouldn't be a drag on your marketing. With our templates and drag-and-drop tool, you work on a single document but create numerous PDF copies in minutes, all ready to be printed and shipped.

Old parchment letter with a lightning bolt in the middle. Illustration.
The Loopify robot pushes a delivery cart with boxes. Illustration.

Let Loopify take care of delivery

There's no need to worry about printing and shipping your direct mail. Create a letter or postcard, and with a click of a button, you can choose Loopify to print and ship to your customers. Or you can choose to send PDFs to your printing partners. It's up to you.

Make each postcard and letter unique

Surprise your customers with mail designed especially for them. Use custom links, variables, and segmentation so that everyone receives stuff that fits their preferences or needs. Send invoices, college acceptance letters, holiday or birthday cards, special offers and codes, personal announcements, and more.

A letter wearing cool sunglasses stands out from the crowd of surrounding letters. Illustration.
A robotic arm machine holds a letter. Illustration.

Automate print campaigns to maximize their potential

Use one-time print campaigns to keep things simple and say hi. Or combine direct mail with different tools and channels and create entire automations for the ultimate communication strategy. Schedule print send-outs to pop up in people's mailboxes and surprise them with a letter or a postcard at the right time.

Find out the status of your letters and postcards

See how many of your letters and postcards were sent and which ones weren't because you were missing address info. Update these contacts, and next time you send a cute postcard, they won't be left out. Pretty cool stuff.

A mail truck with a location pin on top of it. Illustration.