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Why should you become an Agency Partner?

Handle your clients' marketing tasks

You can be a part of your clients accounts and help by performing various tasks for them and enjoy a nice commission while doing it. Don't worry you won't count as a user and affect their user limitations.

Build trust and loyalty with your clients

You will help your clients grow their business. Show your clients that they can reach their audience at the right time and create personalized communication for every stage of the customer's journey.

Learn how to succeed

We care about our partners. You'll get certified to use Loopify for free. We'll share insider tips and advice, and teach you how to use and make the most out of Loopify which will help both you and your clients.

"Loopify makes it easy to help our clients create successful communication. We love how we can personalize the email sender and the content based on whoever the sender is. This allows us to send fully personalized communication simultaneously to thousands of customers from hundreds of sales reps or brokers. And it’s done in a few minutes!"

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Why is Loopify worth recommending to your clients?

Loopify helps small businesses reach the right audience by sending tailored communication to build long-lasting relationships. Here are a few highlights that make Loopify worth recommending to your clients:

Handle all customer communication

With Loopify, customer communication is a piece of cake. Add the content like text and images and Loopify will take care of the rest.

Communicate across channels

Create professional and personalized on-brand campaigns. Communicate across email, SMS, landing pages, coupons, or direct mail.

Automations for any occasion

Build automated campaigns for any stage of the customer journey. Create anything from lead generation and nurture to re-engagement, and reward campaigns.
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Customizable templates & campaigns

Loopify's drag-and-drop tool lets you create various templates, campaigns, and automations with ease.

Valuable audience insights

With Loopify's visual reports, you have an overview of crucial metrics. Monitor campaigns and track performance to get to know your audience.

Choose plan based on business needs

Select any paid plan based on business needs and the tools needed to achieve marketing goals. Pay as the number of the contacts in the account increases.

Frequently Asked Questions


You need to have a paid Loopify account and keep it running. The Agency program also requires the completion of our Agency Partner Course.

Yes, you can choose per customer if Loopify should invoice the client directly (combined with a kickback to you) or if Loopify should invoice you (with discounted licenses).

Payouts for kickback are made quarterly, 14 days after the end of each fiscal quarter. The minimum balance for payouts is $50. Payouts are made through the payout service Wize. This requires that you register your IBAN.

This program is for agencies and service providers that want to offer the right package of marketing automation tools and help their clients grow.

Sharing your fee or commission is not allowed. This means you can't offer “cash back” to customers for signing up via your recommendation.

No, you need to have any of our paid licenses and keep it running to get your commission.

You can access the Agency Partner course from your Partner app dashboard. Go through the course materials, and once you pass the final examination, you'll receive your certificate via email. The entire course and certification are free.

You can leave the program at any time. All customer licenses will continue to run until the renewal is stopped. You will no longer receive any partner fees.

Note! Make sure that the client registers their own credit card if you previously have been invoiced for this client (using the wholesale model).

We reserve the right to change the terms of the Agency Partner Program at any time. If you have any other questions, email us at sales@loopify.com.

Learn how to succeed by partnering up with Loopify

Guides, tips, and advice to make sure you get the most out of our Agency Partner program.

An example certificate issued upon completing the Loopify Agency Partner Academy.

Become a Certified Loopify Agency Partner

Learn how to use Loopify and help your clients grow by watching video lessons and get practical advice to maximize your marketing efforts. Complete the Loopify course to become a Certified Agency Partner.

Enroll for Free

How to be a successful Agency Partner

Check out what steps you need to take, from applying to our Agency Partner program to adding client accounts and setting them up correctly.

Guide for Agency Partners

Join Loopify's Agency Partner Program

You can create accounts for your clients or invite them to join themselves. Every time a client signs up for Loopify and maintains a paid account for 30 days, you'll start getting paid! Plus your clients will get a $50 reward in pre-paid credits they can use to send SMS or print campaigns. Grow your business by growing your clients'.

(Whether you're new or have a paid Loopify account!)