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WOW your customers today with mind-blowing campaigns. Loopify is marketing automation the fun and easy way.

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Why Loopify?

With Loopify, marketing automation is ridiculously fun and easy. You create the content and Loopify does the rest. It’s so simple that even your boss could do it.

George knows what's up.

Build customer journeys across media channels

Step up your game and connect with your customers on more than just one channel. Loopify is about more than just email. We also offer SMS, landing pages, forms, postcards and letters. And our intuitive drag-and-drop tool makes it easy to build and automate customer journeys across all of them.

Easy as child’s play!

Create stunning content in a flash

No design skills needed! Start with a template tailored to your needs and shape it into a perfect campaign. Just drag and drop modules and add sparkle with beautiful images. If you need feedback or a thumbs-up, just share a preview with your team. You can even chat with them right there in the app!

Work your magic!

Get to know your customers with smart insights

Loopify brings you closer to your customers and leads. It tracks your digital campaigns so that you can discover what works and what doesn’t. Our visual reports give you all of the information you need, at one glance. Opens, clicks, bounce rates and whatever else you can think of, it’s all right there.

Beep beep boop

Boost your business with easy integrations

Be light-years ahead of your competition! If you want to reach for the stars, there are no limits to your imagination. Loopify easily integrates with all kinds of apps and web services so that you can create even more powerful workflows. And setting up is only a matter of minutes, rather than hours of costly integration time.

It’s not rocket science!


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Looking for API methods? Check out the full list.

Sales Partner Program

Loopify makes it super easy for businesses to WOW their customers. We’re so excited about it and want to shout it from the rooftops. And you can help us spread the word!

As a Loopify Sales Partner, you can promote awesome new technology to your clients and make money doing it. The more customers you attract, the more commission you earn.

Silver Tier
15% Commision

Start by earning 15% recurring commission for every new customer you sign on to Loopify.

Gold Tier
20% Commision

You’ve brought in $200 of new monthly licenses the last fiscal quarter or have $1000/month worth of active accounts.

Platinum Tier
25% Commision

You’ve brought in $500 of new monthly licenses the last fiscal quarter or have $2500/month worth of active accounts.

Interested? Just get in touch! And here are the terms, if you need more info.

About Us

At Loopify, we believe that marketing automation shouldn't be so darn complicated. That's why we all show up to work every day. We’re here to make it fun and easy for you.

But don’t be mistaken, even though Loopify is brand new and shiny, the people behind it have tons of experience. A decade and a half, that is. And all that experience has gone straight into the product. Loopify is powerful marketing automation software, that’s intuitive and fun to use. You can trust us. We know what we’re doing. Without the suit and the tie. Because just like our software, we’re fun to work with.

While working hard on Loopify, we find joy in the simple things. Hanging out with our office dog. Fifteen different types of tea. Sunshine after a long, hard winter. Making marketing smart and automated. After all, it’s what we do best.

Interested? Just get in touch. We’ll help you step up your game.


Loopify is the fast track to happy customers. We take that very seriously. We want to wow our customers so that they can wow theirs. How else are we going to transform the way businesses communicate with their customers?

It’s not an easy mission, and we work hard to make it happen.

We’re looking for people who are as excited as we are to take on this challenge. We offer a fun and creative work environment where your voice matters and your ideas can really make a difference.

If you want to join us on our quest, just drop us your resume. We’re excited to hear from you.

Privacy & Terms

Privacy Policy

First things first: Your privacy matters to us. We are super protective of the information that passes through our system and would never sell or misuse it.

Feel free to read more about the data we collect and how we use it. We are an open book.

Dig into our full privacy policy.

Terms of Use

Loopify newbie? Exciting! We couldn't be happier to have you on board.

Make sure you read and sign off our terms of use. Very important stuff for you to know. And it will give both of our legal teams some peace of mind.

Read up on our full terms of use.