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Why should you use pop-ups on your website?

Capture new leads

Get more email subscribers with discounts, lead magnets, and various offers. Use forms to ask for phone numbers and grow your list of SMS subscribers.

Personalized experiences

Target first-time visitors, subscribers, or returning customers with timely pop-ups and personalized recommendations. All visitors are different, so tailored pop-ups are the way to go.

Increase your sales

Limited-time offers, special discounts, sale campaigns, and product recommendations — suggest the right products at the right time to the right person to increase your chances of making a sale.

Pay only for conversions

Get more for your bucks. We won't charge you for visitors or the number of sessions. You only pay based on the number of contacts (converted visitors) in your account.

Set up pop-ups in 2 steps and go live with your campaign in no time

Add your domain where you want to use pop-ups, and we will automatically generate a unique script. All you need to do is insert that script into your website, and you can launch your first pop-up campaign.

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Use any landing page template for your pop-up design

Choose one of our pre-designed landing page templates and use it to create a pop-up template. You can customize it using your text and images. Or unleash your creativity and create a new pop-up design by dragging and dropping modules that fit your needs.

Tailor pop-ups to target the right visitor at the right time

Show personalized offers to your website visitors. Choose triggers, add various conditions, and select a position to ensure that the pop-up is seen by the right person, on the right page, at the right time.

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Engage new pop-up leads with automated campaigns

From visitors to leads to customers. Create automations where you can nurture and engage your new leads with welcome campaigns, educational emails, personalized offers, and more.

Don't waste your money by paying for each visitor

Loopify doesn't charge you based on visitors and sessions. Our pricing model is based on the number of contacts you have in your account. You'll only pay for visitors that convert if you exceed your contacts limit. Basically, you pay as you grow!

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Frequently Asked Questions


No, you can start with a Free account that lets you add up to 100 contacts. This means that once you have 100 contacts through pop-up or landing page conversions or contact list uploads, you must upgrade to any paid account if you want to keep running your campaigns.

You add your domain to your account, and Loopify will generate a unique script that you need to insert into your website. You can run pop-ups on multiple domains from the same Loopify account with one script. Make sure you add the script to the other domains as well. Go to our Help Center for the detailed steps for pop-up setup. If you need help with the setup, contact

No. Loopify's pricing model pricing model is based on the number of contacts in your account, not the number of sessions or visitors for each pop-up. This means we charge you only for converted visitors saved as contacts in your account.

No, you can use as many as you want. We don't recommend using too many pop-ups on a single page to avoid chaos and overwhelming your visitors.

To ensure that Loopify doesn't slow your website down, we use asynchronous (async) loading so that our script won't block any of your website content.

Yes, you can send a request to for a custom-made pop-up template that fits your needs. However, you can choose any of our free landing page templates to create a pop-up template and customize it with your brand styles.

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