Cars wait in line at a gas station to get filled up on petrol by a businessman in a classy suit. Illustration.

Take teamwork to another level

Choose which campaigns, templates, and images you want to share with your retailers. They can easily copy and use them to communicate with customers. Work together to improve communication across different channels and watch your engagement and conversions increase. Plus, everyone will feel confident that they're using the brand correctly.

A woman holds onto balloons in the air with one hand and pulls up a man with the other. Illustration.
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Use one voice to speak to all your customers

Centralize your global marketing approach. By making content and resources available for your retailers, you'll easily manage your cross-channel marketing and be consistent with messaging across channels. This will lead to better customer experience, which in turn will result in higher response rates.

Implement campaigns in a super-efficient way

If you and your branches have a different take on a marketing campaign, there will be inconsistent messaging and results.

Use the same resources and bring campaign distribution under control. This is a quick and easy way to launch marketing campaigns on a large scale without any miscommunication. Plus, no one wastes time recreating what was already done once.

One man pushing a sphere forward with ease, the other one is struggling to push a cube. Illustration.