A woman building a rollercoaster, people with their hands in the air riding the rollercoaster. Illustration.

Reach customers on more than one channel

With our intuitive drag-and-drop, you can easily combine all your communication with different tools and achieve the ultimate cross-channel marketing strategy. Connect emails, SMS, coupons, landing pages, letters, and postcards and set various conditions. It's just like stacking blocks.

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Set up automations with ease

Creating automated campaigns is easy for newbies but also smart enough for experienced marketers. Our clutter-free layout and intuitive design make the process simple and without distractions. The tools let you create campaigns for any occasion, whether you want to attract, convert, or nurture customers.

Test entire campaigns before going live

Avoid mistakes that can slip through your fingers and cost you a lot. No more contacts receiving the wrong communication or linking to the wrong page. You can test every nook and cranny of your automated campaigns and make sure everything is connected and in its place. So when you go live everything runs smoothly, and there's no need to worry.

Test tubes with bubbles coming out of them, one bubble with a phone, and another one with email. Illustration.
An unread SMS notification. Illustration.

Stay on top of campaigns with alerts and updates

Set to automatically update your contact's data as soon as they complete a certain step, like filling out a form or booking a demo. You can also set up to receive notifications via SMS or email for these actions. This will improve your response time and help you identify crucial points where different teams need to step in and take over.

Connect and synchronize your systems with Loopify

Keep your systems up-to-date and synchronize the data between them and Loopify. This can work both ways as well. You can update Loopify with any new customer data from your systems. Re-organize customers segments, import new, or replace old info. All through our automations without manual imports or loss of real-time data.

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Make smart decisions based on valuable insights

Complex reports made simple. Analyze relevant data about your automated campaigns, their status, how many people were a part of them, the types of communication used, and much more. Make decisions based on real results you see and stay clear from guesswork about what will work and what won't.