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Go global in a matter of minutes

Send messages in bulk to a large group of people on a very quick basis. Raise brand awareness, send reminders, offer discounts or survey your customers. It's both faster and easier to reach people via SMS.

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Personalize texts to create an emotional tie to your brand

Let your customers know that you care and that this isn't another generic message. Segment parts of your text message based on interests or events, customize the text, use variables, and custom senders. You'll cater to everyone's needs and avoid the risk of sending irrelevant communication.

Make it fun for customers to communicate via SMS

In Loopify, you can set up and use SMS keywords to make interaction via text super easy. This makes it possible for people to text you back in a matter of seconds by typing a single keyword and trigger a response right away.

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Automate SMS campaigns for flawless communication

Schedule messages, set triggers and autoresponders, link to coupons and pages with exclusive deals - all from one place. Keep your customers engaged every step of the way, stay informed on their progress, and get alerts when they take action.

See the results from your SMS marketing efforts

Our analytics tracks every text that you send out. You'll get data about delivery rates, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes. See how each campaign performs or monitor the overall progress of your efforts. Measure your success rate, see what works, and optimize to get the best results.

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Madeleine Lundberg, Front Desk Manager & Digital Expert at Porsche Center Asker & Bærum.

Madeleine Lundberg

Front Desk Manager & Digital Expert, Porsche Center Asker & Bærum

"When we were to open a brand new Porsche Center with prominent guests, both from home and abroad, it was very nice to be able to lean on such a professional solution as Loopify has proven to be. All our challenges were met with simple solutions, and the follow-up on the customers afterwards has also been fantastic. With Loopify’s help, we have organized an entire customer directory that is segmented so that we can, with simple keystrokes, find customers who are also interested in other types of events that we plan in the future."

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Fredrik Nielsen, Marketing Manager at Branko's Auto.

Fredrik Nielsen

Marketing Manager, Branko's Auto

"We mainly use Loopify for our monthly newsletter, among other things. It is very easy to use, with its template-based interface. It also has advanced features for making 'flows' and automating tasks like making feedback forms, sign-up forms, and so on. We are very happy with the system and can highly recommend it."

Bjørn-Lohne, CEO at Kjekstad Golf Club.

Bjørn Lohne

CEO, Kjekstad Golf Club

"A fantastic marketing tool that helps us communicate and take care of our 1 500 members all the time."

Yara Salameh, Marketing Manager at Gill Gruppen.
Subaru, SsangYong, LEVC, and MG Motors logos. Subaru, SsangYong, LEVC, and MG Motors logos.

Yara Salameh

Marketing Manager, Gill Gruppen

"We have used Loopify's systems for several years and are very happy with the solution. The system is flexible and evolves with the trends. Loopify's customer service representatives are also very helpful."

Cesilie Kullerud, Marketing Manager at Austostrada AS.

Cesilie Kullerud

Marketing Manager, Autostrada AS

"Loopify makes it easier and smooth to keep track of your contacts within different segments in one place, store different templates, make easy or advanced emails and flows to do all the actions you want without having to remember to send out reminders or do anything manually. Endless opportunities. Reports whenever you need. All at the same place."

Øystein Wasteson, Technical Delivery Manager at EvokedSet.

Øystein Wasteson

Technical Delivery Manager, EvokedSet

"I've had a good experience working with Loopify. I work more with data import, contact structure, and segmentation than setting up emails, flows, and send-outs. You have at your disposal some easy and great opportunities to work smart, but it's really worth investing time in building things in a well-considered way from the start. Get the overview of tags, smart segments, contact fields, etc. and match it with your access to customer data and email marketing strategy. Then you will find it easy and rewarding to work in this modern module-based environment."

Change the way you communicate

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